We at Copes fully understand how important the cost of a funeral can be and equally, how important it is for each family to feel content that they are providing what’s most appropriate for their own loved one.

Copes commitment to your family is exactly the same whether you are managing on a low budget or wish to arrange a lavish display.
Whatever is right for your family will be arranged with such dignity and class that you will realize that you are dealing with people who really care.

Copes have a minimum cost option that includes everything necessary and confiding in your Funeral Director will ensure you are in receipt of all the information necessary.

A full written estimate will be given and you will be able to take time, to study that all your questions have been answered, all charges have been discussed and that your chosen funeral is affordable. On the back of the estimate there is a copy of our terms and conditions.
Copes usually require that a deposit is paid before the day of the funeral.

The professional services involved in making the funeral arrangements and arranging all necessary documentation. Personal attendances and conveyance of the deceased, Provision of our Private chapels, Provision of Hearse and limousine.

Disbursements are the fees that we pay to a third party on your behalf i.e. cemetery/crematorium, doctor’s fees, ministers and church fees, most of which are due and paid before the funeral.

The funeral account will be sent 7-10 days after the funeral and may only be sent to the person who has signed the estimate.
This person takes personal responsibility for the costs involved.

Your Cope Funeral Director will help and assist you every step of the way.

Financial assistance may be available from the D.W.P. to help with the funeral costs and your Funeral Director will have useful up to date information regarding this.