Cope Funeral Service is a well established and professional Company which is family owned and operated

We take care to put people at their ease and help them to create a ceremony that they will look back on with positive feelings

The funeral is usually the final testimony, a way for family and friends to make a statement, by publicly expressing their respect and love (and humour) and importantly to be supported in saying goodbye. It can seriously influence how people respond and strengthen them in dealing with difficult lonely times that may follow

The funeral can be beautifully modest or an extravagant display of status and wealth, what connects everyone at this time is an acknowledgement that normality never returns after death and bereaved people have to move on to a new state of reality, in which they have to learn to live without those they have loved and lost

Copes are aware that affordability is very important and will advise against emotional overspend by pointing out that our commitment is exactly the same whatever the level of spend and encourage the family to feel that they are in control of events when discussing the formalities surrounding the funeral

Whatever is appropriate will be arranged with care, compassion, dignity and warmth

Your Cope Funeral Director will help and inform you every step of the way