Welcome To Cope Funeral Services

Sometimes it seems as though computers, e-mail and texting threaten to take over our lives, they are efficient tools and we would not wish to be without them, but there are times when there is no substitute for the personal touch.

At Cope, we look after our families with genuine interest and total commitment.

The funeral is a means by which family and friends can say goodbye, expressing love honour and respect.

It needs to be meaningful, reflect the character of the deceased, mingle sorrow with pleasant memories and leave a feeling of contentment that the very best has been provided.

A ‘good’ funeral will play a critical part in the grieving process and just as every family is different, every funeral will be different, it can be an extravagant display or managed on a shoe string and our commitment is exactly the same whatever the level of spend.

Whatever is right for your family will be arranged with such dignity and class that you will realise you are dealing with people who really care.

We appreciate the trust that is placed in us and aim to surpass your expectations.