Low Cost Funerals in Crumpsall

Low Cost Funerals in CrumpsallCope Funeral Service is dedicated to making low cost funerals in Crumpsall available to our clients. Not everyone is in a financial position to plan a lavash funeral and still others prefer a less expensive send off. Perhaps that money is needed for family financial stability or the deceased may have requested a simple funeral in his or her last wishes. As families become smaller it often happens that the death of an elderly relative who has outlived other family members and friends just does not warrant an elaborate funeral. At Cope Funeral Service, our promise to you is a dignified life honouring funeral service regardless of cost.

Our fundamental services are the same for funeral services in all price ranges. In Crumpsall, low cost funerals and lavish alike require we collect the remains, prepare the required paperwork, make our chapel with attendant available for viewing and a service and provide a funeral car for transportation to the cemetery or crematorium. With those fundamentals as a starting point, we have put together a low cost funeral to which you will be proud to welcome family and friends. It will be classy in decorum and dignified as befits the occasion. Your guests will be warmly welcomed to our facility and for the duration everyone will be encouraged to relax and focus on sharing their memories.

We will prepare a price list for low cost funerals in Crumpsall. The price will include a listing of our services and a list of expenses paid on your behalf such as flowers, musician or minister. We will go over it carefully with you so all your questions are answered. Your understanding of exactly what you are paying for will be clear. Call us and schedule an appointment to discuss low cost funeral plans. This is a difficult time for decision making so we don’t rush. You’ll take the price sheet with you to refresh your memory if necessary. We may ask for a deposit the day of the funeral but your final previously approved invoice will arrive in your mail within ten days which gives you a little breathing room.