Arranging a Funeral in Harpurhey

Arranging a Funeral in HarpurheyArranging a Funeral in Harpurhey can be very difficult. One of the first things to do is to call us. We will immediately remove your loved one from the hospital or home and convey them with dignity and caring to our funeral home. You can then take stock of what sort of funeral you would like for them. We understand that this is a most stressful time for the whole family. We can help you complete the necessary forms to receive the death certificate. If the death is sudden the coroner may become involved. This may lead to a delay of a few days. We will communicate with the coroner’s office several times a day and will keep the family informed of progress.

When a family member has passed away in Harpurhey, arranging the funeral needs to be done by professionals. We will need to establish what the budget for the funeral is. Once we have a figure to work with we can begin to arrange the service. You may want a simple and dignified service or you may require a traditional service with all the accoutrements. This is your farewell to your beloved relative and we will organise the funeral that makes you most comfortable. You can have the service in a church or chapel or if you are not religiously inclined you may choose a hall. You may decide on a celebration of life memorial instead of a church service.

Arranging a Funeral in Harpurhey is easy and affordable. Contact Cope Funeral Service as soon as you have need of us. We have two branches which makes it convenient to use the one closest to you. We have many years of experience dealing with bereaved relatives and will be there for you every step of the way. Our staff are very caring and compassionate and have empathy with your feelings at this time. Most people are too grief-stricken to think straight and this is why we are there to protect you from making rash decisions.