Funeral Costs in Castleton

Funeral Costs in CastletonSo often people don’t begin to consider funeral costs in Castleton until their late middle years. No everyone can maintain a large savings fund when they are in their child rearing and income building years. Funeral expenses usually do not make the top ten list in the budget. Yet tragically, unexpected funeral expenses during those years can become a reality. The expenses may not even be incurred by a member of the young family. Sometimes a growing family becomes responsible for the funeral expenses of elderly parents. We are keenly aware that not all funerals are anticipated. That is why we have put together a low cost option that still offers the necessary services for a life honouring funeral.

Should you find yourself in the position of being unexpectedly responsible for funeral costs, speak to us. In Castleton, funeral costs and planning are achieved as we walk you through the funeral planning and costs step by step. You will know exactly what services we provide and how much the final cost will be. We put it in writing for you before you ever commit to our services. You can use that to price compare and we think you will see that we offer a great deal more for the money than most. Of course if you want a more lavish funeral that can be accomplished with the addition of services, all itemised for your convenience.

Cope Funeral Service is dedicated to the families we serve. Whether your funeral costs in Castleton are minimum or maximum we provide the same compassionate service to each individual family. When you have outside services such as musicians, and floral arrangements, or just the usual doctor’s fee and minister’s fee, we pay those bills for you as part of the funeral costs so you don’t have bills coming in for weeks after the funeral. We know life is more difficult right now and we are pleased to be able to relieve you of the details. Contact Cope Funeral Service and in a short meeting we can determine the funeral costs  that will work best for you. Let our experience and professionalism relieve you by assisting you with the details involved in planning and paying for an unexpected funeral.