Arranging a Funeral in Moston

Arranging a funeral in MostonArranging a funeral in Moston is never easy for the family of the deceased relative or friend. One is deep in the throes of grief and cannot begin to think of all that organising a funeral entails. We understand and can help you get through this very hard time. We will collect the beloved family member and bring them to our funeral home. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After the death has been registered with the necessary authorities we can begin to arrange the funeral. You only need to let us know what type of funeral you would like. If it is to be a burial then a grave site needs to be arranged. The service can be held at any church or chapel of your choosing. We can organise a minister if the family do not have a regular one.

Everyone will someday have need of our services when a loved one passes away in Moston, arranging the funeral is both stressful and traumatic. The family can opt for a cremation which is normally more reasonably priced. A coffin can be chosen once the decision has been made. A memorial service or a church service can be held in our chapel or a church or hall. Once the family have decided whether where the service is to be held we can arrange for flowers for the church and order of service sheets to be printed. This can contain the hymns and often has a photo of the deceased on it. We will be there to help you through the preparations and convey the family to the service on the day of the funeral.

Arranging a funeral in Moston is easier with expert help. Contact Cope Funeral Services as soon as you need us for help with arranging a funeral. Our undertakers have many years of experience arranging funerals and offering support to the family. This is not a time to try and deal with the arrangements on your own.