Funeral Directors in Littleborough

Funeral Directors in LittleboroughFuneral directors in Littleborough are caring and sympathetic. We know what you are going through and we are there to help you. Our business is based on giving you the funeral you require. Some people may want a fully traditional funeral and others may want a quieter and simpler service. Whatever kind of funeral you need we will arrange everything to perfection. Once you have called us we will send one of our funeral directors to the home or the hospital to transport your loved one to our funeral home. Here we will care for them until the funeral. You may wish to have an open casket at the service and if that is at all possible we will comply. If your loved one attended a church and had a favourite minister we will arrange for them to give the service. Where possible we would like the input of the family members to ensure that the funeral is acceptable to all the relatives.

When you have had a death in the family in Littleborough, funeral directors will help you by arranging the service and burial. We know that there is considerable stress and sadness and we are there to help you work through the grief. We can arrange flowers on your behalf and have hymn sheets or order of service sheets printed for you. These often have a favourite photograph of the deceased on the front. The choice of coffin is entirely up to the family and the budget. You are welcome to bring the deceased’s own clothes and any other things that they were particularly attached to, which will be placed in the coffin with them.

Funeral directors in Littleborough will arrange the time and date of the funeral with the church. Contact Cope Funeral Service as soon as you have need of our services. We will be with you to support and advise you all the way through this tragic and traumatic time. Anything you feel you need will be done for you.