Funeral Costs in Norden

Funeral Costs in NordenFuneral costs in Norden can be a worry which can add to the stress of dealing with the loss of a beloved family member. Once you notify us of the death, we will discuss a budget with you. This will ensure that we know exactly what sort of funeral we can plan. If there is a large budget we can organise a lavish funeral with special transport to the church for the coffin and the family and we can have flowers for the church as well as wreathes for the coffin. The church can be booked and the various printed articles arranged. Some people still want a full traditional Victorian funeral with all the accompanying accoutrements. A solid wooden coffin with brass or even silver handles lined with silk can be organised. We can if possible have an open coffin in the church with the deceased dressed in their own clothes and hair and makeup done to perfection.

When you need the services of a funeral director in Norden, funeral costs should not be the first thing on your mind. If you have a small budget or just prefer a simple farewell ceremony we can offer you the use of our own chapel. We can request the mourners to refrain from sending flowers and you can inform only the family and close friends of the time and place of the funeral. The coffin can be modest or if a cremation if preferred a simple casket can be used. Many people are choosing to have a simple but dignified funeral nowadays very often with the cremation taking place before the funeral service or memorial. It is also more common to hold a celebration of life service than a funeral service.

Funeral costs in Norden should not be your main concern at this time. Contact Cope Funeral Service when we can be of service to you. We will respect your wishes in every way and arrange a funeral to suit your individual requirements.